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audio al·can·ce

  1. (distancia) reach, arm's length
    el vaso no está a mi alcance the glass is not within my reach
  2. (extensión) range, scope
    el alcance de un cañón the range of a cannon
  3. (persecución) pursuit, chase
  4. figurative (novedades) latest news
  5. (talento) talent, ability
    ella es una mujer de mucho alcance she is a woman of much talent
  6. printing typesetting copy
  7. Spain special delivery, express

al alcance
al alcance de
within reach of
al alcance del oído
within earshot
dar alcance a
to catch up with
de gran alcance
figurative far-reaching
tener alcances
to have ability
Inflected Forms: alcances - masc

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