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audio al·ma

  1. (espíritu) soul, spirit, heart
  2. figurative (individuo) human being, soul
    no había un alma allí there was not a soul around
  3. (centro) core, crux
    el alma del movimiento the core of the movement
  4. technical core, center
  5. construction web, stem
  6. artillery bore
  7. music soundpost

alma de caballo
colloquial blackguard
alma de Caín or de Judas
fiend, villain
alma de cántaro
alma de Dios
colloquial good soul
alma mía
dearest, darling
caérsele el alma a los pies
figurative to be disheartened
con toda el alma
with all one's heart
entregar el alma
figurative to give up the ghost, die
no tener alma
figurative to be heartless
partir or romper el alma a
figurative to break
Inflected Forms: almas - femi

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