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Spanish Dictionary: translation of asunto

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audio a·sun·to

  1. (tópico) matter, topic
  2. fine arts, literature (tema) theme, subject matter
  3. literature (argumento) plot
  4. (preocupación) affair, concern
  5. colloquial (amorío) love affair

asunto pendiente
pending business, unresolved matter
  1. (efectos) property, possessions
  2. affairs, business
    tengo asuntos que liquidar I have some business to settle
asuntos exteriores or extranjeros
politics foreign affairs or relations
el asunto es que ...
the fact is that ...
ir al asunto
to get down to business or to the matter at hand
poner el asunto
America to watch one's step, pay attention
tener muchos asuntos entre manos
figurative to have many matters to deal with
Inflected Forms: asuntos - masc

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