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Spanish Dictionary: translation of caballo

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audio ca·ba·llo

  1. zoology horse
  2. (jinete) rider, horseman
    una tropa de quinientos caballos a troop of five hundred horsemen
  3. (pieza de ajedrez) knight (in chess)
  4. (en los naipes) Spanish playing card
  5. figurative, colloquial (bestia) brute, beast
  6. (bruto) oaf, dolt
  7. carpentry sawhorse
  8. mining, mineralogy vein of barren rock

a caballo
mounted, on horseback
a caballo de
a mata caballo
at breakneck speed
caballo blanco
figurative, colloquial financial backer, sponsor
caballo de agua or de mar
  1. zoology hippopotamus
  2. ichthyology sea horse
caballo de batalla
  1. charger, steed
  2. figurative forte, specialty
    la química es su caballo de batalla chemistry is his forte
  3. central issue, focal point
    el caballo de batalla de la controversia es el dinero the focal point of the controversy is money
caballo de buena boca
figurative, colloquial easygoing person
caballo de carga
caballo de carrera
zoology racehorse
caballo de frisa or Frisia
military cheval-de-frise
caballo de fuerza or de vapor
mechanics horsepower
caballo del diablo
entomology dragonfly
caballo de montar or de silla
saddle horse
caballo de posta
post horse
caballo de tiro
draft horse
caballo de Troya
figurative Trojan horse
caballo hora
mechanics horsepower-hour
caballo marino
  1. zoology hippopotamus
  2. ichthyology sea horse
caballo mecedor
rocking horse
caballo negro
politics dark horse
caballo padre
  1. military cavalry, cavalrymen
  2. mechanics horsepower
    un motor de ocho caballos an eight-horsepower engine
caballo semental
como caballo desbocado
figurative hastily, rashly
montar a caballo
to ride, go horseback riding
Inflected Forms: caballos - masc

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