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audio ca·bo

  1. (extremo) end, extremity
    el cabo de la soga the end of the rope
  2. (fin) end, conclusion
    llegar al cabo de una tarea to arrive at the end of a task
  3. (pedazo) stub, bit
  4. handle
    cabo de hacha ax handle
  5. (hilo) thread, strand
  6. (bulto) package, bundle
  7. geography cape, point
  8. maritime, nautical rope, cable
  9. military corporal

al cabo de
at the end of
al fin y al cabo
figurative after all, in the end
atar cabos
figurative to put two and two together
cabo de año
religion anniversary mass
cabo de cañón
military gunner
cabo de desgarre
cabo de escuadra
military squadron commander
cabo de maestranza
cabo de mar
maritime, nautical petty officer
cabo de ronda
military patrol leader
  1. (accesorios) accessories
  2. military braid
  3. equitation mane and tail
cabo suelto
figurative, colloquial loose end
dar cabo a
to put the finishing touches on
dar cabo de
to put an end to, finish off
de cabo a rabo
colloquial from start to finish
estar al cabo de
to be on the verge of
estar al cabo de la calle
figurative, colloquial to know what's what
llevar a cabo
to carry out, see through
llevó a cabo el plan she carried out the plan
no dejar cabo suelto
figurative, colloquial to leave no loose ends
ponerse al cabo de
to get to the heart of
Inflected Forms: cabos - masc

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