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audio cam·po

  1. (campaña) country, countryside
  2. field
    un campo de maíz a field of corn
  3. (campamento) camp, encampment
  4. figurative (área) sphere, field
    un campo de interés a field of interest
  5. (partido) faction, camp, side
  6. fine arts background
  7. sports, military, physics, mathematics, heraldry field
  8. Colombia farm, ranch
  9. Chile , Peru mining concession

a campo raso
out in the open
a campo traviesa
casa de campo
country house
campo de Agramante
figurative pandemonium, bedlam
campo de aterrizaje
aviation landing field
campo de aviación
campo de batalla
campo de concentración
concentration camp
campo de deportes
athletic field
campo de fútbol
soccer field
campo de golf
golf course
campo de instrucción
training camp
campo de juego
campo del honor
figurative field of honor, battlefield
campo de minas
military minefield
campo de tiro
firing range
campo eléctrico
electric field
campo gravitatorio
physics gravitational field
campo magnético
physics magnetic field
campo operatorio
medicine surgical area
campo petrolífero
oil field
campo raso
open country
campo santo
campo visual
field of vision
dar campo a
figurative to give ground to
dejar el campo abierto or libre
figurative to leave the field open
hacérsele a uno el campo orégano
Argentina colloquial to succeed with ease
levantar el campo
  1. military to strike camp
  2. figurative (ceder) to give up
quedar en el campo de batalla
figurative to die in battle
reconocer el campo
  1. military to reconnoiter
  2. commerce to scout out the difficulties
trabajo de campo
field work
Inflected Forms: campos - masc

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