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audio ce·ja

  1. anatomy brow, eyebrow
  2. (saliente) projection
  3. (borde) border, edge
  4. figurative (cima) summit, peak
  5. meteorology cloud, cover
  6. music (listón) bridge
  7. (cajuela) capo
  8. Bolivia , Cuba path, lane

arquear las cejas
to arch one's eyebrows
ceja de monte
America copse, wooded area
fruncir las cejas
to knot one's brow, frown
hasta la cejas
figurative up to one's neck
meterse algo entre ceja y ceja
figurative, colloquial to get something into one's head
quemarse las cejas
figurative, colloquial to burn the midnight oil
tener entre ceja y ceja
figurative, colloquial to look upon with disfavor, hold a grudge against
Inflected Forms: cejas - femi

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