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audio cie·lo

  1. sky
  2. (atmósfera) atmosphere
  3. (paraíso) heaven
  4. figurative (la Providencia) Heaven
  5. (parte superior) top
  6. colloquial (querido) dear, darling

a cielo abierto or a cielo raso
out in the open, in the open air
bajado del cielo
figurative, colloquial wonderful, excellent
caído or llovido del cielo
figurative, colloquial heaven-sent
cerrarse el cielo
figurative to cloud up
cerrársele el cielo a uno
figurative, colloquial to have no way out
cielo de la boca
anatomy palate, roof of the mouth
cielo de la cama
canopy (of a bed)
cielo máximo
aviation ceiling
cielo raso
architecture ceiling
good heavens!
escupir al cielo
figurative to spit into the wind
ganarse el cielo
figurative to go to heaven
juntarse el cielo con la tierra
colloquial to be in big trouble
medio cielo
astronomy meridian
mover cielo y tierra
figurative, colloquial to move heaven and earth
poner por los cielos
figurative to praise to the skies
tomar el cielo con las manos
figurative, colloquial to hit the roof
venirse el cielo abajo
  1. figurative, colloquial (llover) to rain cats and dogs
  2. (arruinarse) to have no way out
ver el cielo abierto
figurative, colloquial to see a way out
Inflected Forms: cielos - masc

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