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audio con·for·me

  1. (semejante) similar, alike
  2. in accordance, consistent
    es una decisión conforme a sus principios it is a decision consistent with his principles
  3. (de acuerdo) agreed, in agreement
    estamos conformes en este asunto we are in agreement on this matter
  4. figurative (resignado) resigned
    él está conforme con su destino he is resigned to his fate
  1. (consistente) in accordance, in keeping
    conforme a lo dicho in accordance with what was said
  2. (tan pronto como) as soon as
    conforme anochece, se acuestan as soon as night falls, they go to bed
approval, OK
el jefe puso el conforme al pie de la página the boss put his OK at the bottom of the page
Inflected Forms: conformes - adje
conformes - masc

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