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audio dien·te

  1. anatomy tooth
  2. zoology fang
  3. ornithology temium
  4. mechanics cog
    los dientes de una rueda the cogs of a wheel
  5. tooth
    los dientes de una sierra the teeth of a saw
  6. prong, tine
    los dientes de un tenedor the prongs of a fork
  7. botany clove
    diente de ajo garlic clove

aguzarse or afilarse los dientes
figurative to whet one's appetite
alargársele los dientes
figurative, colloquial to have one's heart set on
dar diente con diente
to chatter (said of teeth)
de dientes afuera
figurative insincerely, as lip service
diente canino
anatomy canine tooth, eyetooth
diente de león
botany dandelion
diente de lobo
  1. jewelry burnisher
  2. (clavo) spike
diente de maíz
corn kernel
diente de perro
  1. technical chisel
  2. architecture dogtooth
  3. botany dogtooth violet
diente incisivo
anatomy incisor
diente molar
anatomy molar
diente tierno or de leche
anatomy milk tooth, baby tooth
dientes postizos
false teeth
enseñar or mostrar los dientes
figurative to show or bare one's teeth
estar a diente
to be famished or ravenous
hablar entre dientes
to mumble, mutter
hincar el diente en
to get or sink one's teeth into
pelar el diente
  1. America (coquetear) to flirt
  2. (adular) to flatter
tener buen diente
figurative to have a good appetite
Inflected Forms: dientes - masc

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