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audio en·tra·da

  1. (acción) entry, entrance
    el rey hizo una entrada solemne the king made a solemn entrance
  2. (acceso) entry, entrance
  3. (vestíbulo) vestibule, entrance hall
  4. (ingreso) admission
    celebraron su entrada a la sociedad they celebrated her admission into the society
  5. (privilegio) admittance, entrée
  6. (intimidad) familiar access
  7. (billete) admission ticket
  8. (taquilla) gate, receipts
  9. (desembolso) deposit, down payment
  10. (principio) beginning
    la entrada del año the beginning of the year
  11. commerce entry
  12. culinary entrée
  13. (palabra) entry (in a dictionary)
  14. (pelo) receding hairline
  15. (naipes) hand (of cards)
  16. mechanics intake
    entrada de aire air intake
  17. computers, electricity input
  18. mining, mineralogy adit
  19. military invasion, encroachment
  20. music, theater entrance
  21. Argentina , Cuba , Mexico (embestida) sudden attack, onslaught
  22. (paliza) beating
  23. Mexico false start

dar entrada a
  1. to let in, admit
  2. automobile to yield the right of way to
de entrada
right away, from the start
de primera entrada
at first sight
entrada a viva fuerza
forced entry
entrada de datos
computers data input
entrada de favor
complimentary ticket
entrada general
theater standing room
entrada gratuita
free admission
entrada llena
theater full house
finance income, receipts
tener entrada
to be welcome
Inflected Forms: entradas - femi

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