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audio fren·te

  1. anatomy forehead, brow
  2. figurative (rostro) face, countenance
  3. (cabeza) head
    con la frente levantada with one's head held high

arrugar la frente
to knit one's brow
frente a frente
face to face
  1. (parte anterior) front, front part
  2. (fachada) face, façade
  3. (anverso) obverse
  4. (alianza) front
    frente popular popular front
  5. military front
    frente de batalla battlefront
  6. meteorology front
    frente frío cold front

al frente
  1. (enfrente) in front, opposite
  2. commerce carried forward
al frente de
at the head of, in charge of
de frente
  1. (con determinación) resolutely, without hesitation
  2. head-on
    atacar de frente to attack head-on
  3. abreast
    marcharon cuatro de frente they marched four abreast
  4. ahead
    se lanzaron de frente they lunged ahead
del frente
commerce brought forward
en frente
in front, opposite
formar frente
to form a common cause
frente a
facing, opposite
frente por frente
directly opposite
hacer frente a
  1. (confrontar) to face, confront
  2. (cumplir) to meet (obligations)
Inflected Forms: frentes - femi
frentes - masc

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