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audio ga·to

  1. zoology cat, tomcat
  2. (gancho de hierro) clamp, vice
  3. (cric) jack
    gato hidráulico hydraulic jack
  4. colloquial (portamonedas) moneybag
  5. (ahorros) savings
  6. figurative, colloquial (ladrón) sneak thief, cat burglar
  7. (madrileño) native of Madrid, Madrilenian
  8. (hombre astuto) fox, slyboots
  9. America (molledo del brazo) fleshy part of the arm
  10. Argentina folk dance
  11. Mexico (propina) tip
  12. (sirviente) servant
  13. Peru open-air market
  14. Venezuela syphilis

buscarle tres pies al gato
to complicate matters unnecessarily
cuatro gatos
colloquial just a few people
dar gato por liebre
figurative, colloquial to swindle, pull the wool over someone's eyes
gato cerval
zoology serval
gato de algalia
zoology civet
gato de Angora
Angora cat
gato encerrado
figurative something fishy
gato montés
zoology wildcat
gato romano
gato siamés
Siamese cat
llevar el gato al agua
figurative to put to a real test
no hay gatos or no hay un gato
colloquial there isn't a soul
Inflected Forms: gatos - masc

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