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Spanish Dictionary: translation of hueso

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audio hue·so

  1. anatomy bone
  2. botany pit, stone
  3. figurative (cosa difícil) drudgery, hard work
  4. (lo inútil) piece of junk
  5. (persona desagradable) pain in the neck, stickler
  6. Central America , Mexico (empleo oficial) government job
  7. Colombia white elephant
  8. Ecuador mule

dar or tropezar en un hueso
to hit a snag
de buen hueso
figurative lucky
estar en los huesos
figurative to be nothing but skin and bones
hueso colorado
Mexico northerly wind
hueso de la alegría
funny bone
hueso de la suerte
hueso duro de roer
figurative hard nut to crack
hueso palomo
anatomy coccyx
colloquial hands
la sin hueso
colloquial tongue
meterse a hueso de puerco
Mexico to swagger, show off
no dejar a uno hueso salvo
figurative to rake over the coals
soltar la sin hueso
figurative to shoot off one's mouth
tener los huesos molidos
figurative to be dead tired
Inflected Forms: huesos - masc

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