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audio i·gual

  1. (equivalente) equal
    dos cantidades iguales two equal quantities
  2. (semejante) similar, alike
    nuestras esperanzas son iguales our hopes are similar
  3. (mismo) like
    compraremos algo de igual calidad we will buy something of like quality
  4. (liso) even, level (terrain)

darle a uno igual
to be the same to one
diez iguales
ten all (in table tennis)
igual de
lo que es igual de interesante what's equally interesting
ir iguales
to be even (in a race)
ser igual a
  1. (ser lo mismo) to be the same as
    eso es igual a mentir that is the same as lying
  2. (igualar) to be equal to, equal
    dos más dos es igual a cuatro two plus two equals four
serle a uno igual todo
to be all the same to one
todo me es igual it's all the same to me
mathematics equal sign
m. & f.
(par) equal
mi hermano es mi igual en todo my brother is my equal in everything

al igual que
just like
Juan, al igual que Carlos, no tiene dinero John, just like Charles, does not have any money
de igual a igual
as an equal
te hablo de igual a igual I am speaking to you as an equal
igual que
the same as
cantaremos igual que ayer we will sing the same as yesterday
no tener igual
to have no equal, be unrivaled
sin igual
unparalleled, unequaled
Inflected Forms: iguales - adje
iguales - femi
iguales - masc

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