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audio len·gua

  1. anatomy tongue
  2. (idioma) tongue, language
  3. (badajo) tongue, bell clapper
  4. (intérprete) interpreter
  5. culinary tongue

andar en lenguas
to be the subject of gossip
atar la lengua a uno
figurative to tongue-tie
buscar a uno la lengua
figurative to pick a fight with someone
con la lengua en el palmo
colloquial very eagerly, with one's tongue hanging out
de lengua en lengua
by word of mouth
estar con la lengua fuera
figurative to have one's tongue hanging out
hablar en lenguas
religion to speak in tongues
hacerse lenguas de
colloquial to rave about, sing the praises of
írsele a uno la lengua
to talk too much, run off at the mouth
lengua cerval or de ciervo
botany hart's tongue
lengua de buey
botany bugloss, oxtongue
lengua de escorpión or de víbora
colloquial backbiter, gossip
lengua de estropajo or de trapo
colloquial stammerer
lengua de fuego
tongue of fire, flame
lengua de tierra
promontory, tongue of land
lengua franca
lingua franca
lengua madre
mother tongue, parent language
lengua materna
mother tongue, native language
lengua muerta
dead language
lengua viva
living language
ligero de lengua
indiscreet, loose-tongued
mala lengua
backbiter, gossip
morderse la lengua
figurative to bite one's tongue, keep quiet
sacar la lengua a
to stick one's tongue out at
tirar de la lengua
to draw someone out, make someone talk
trabársele a uno la lengua
to become tongue-tied
Inflected Forms: lenguas - femi

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