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audio luz

f., pl. lu·ces
  1. (claridad) light
  2. (lámpara) light, lamp
    apague la luz turn off the lights
  3. figurative (día) day, daylight
  4. (guía) guiding light, luminary
  5. colloquial (dinero) money, cash
  6. architecture window
  7. automobile light
    luces traseras taillights
  8. painting lighting

a primera luz
at daybreak
a todas luces
clearly, from every angle
dar a luz
  1. physiology to give birth
  2. (publicar) to publish, print
de cortas luces
colloquial not very bright
entre dos luces
  1. at twilight
  2. figurative, colloquial (borracho) tipsy
figurative enlightenment, learning
luz cenital
luz de Bengala
Bengal light, sparkler
luz de tráfico
traffic light
sacar a luz
  1. (revelar) to bring to light
  2. (publicar) to bring out, publish
salir a luz
  1. (publicarse) to come out, publish
  2. figurative (descubrirse) to come to light
ver la luz
figurative to see the light
Inflected Forms: luces - femi

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