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audio na·riz

f., pl. -ri·ces
  1. anatomy nose
  2. anatomy (ventana) nostril
  3. (olfato) sense of smell
  4. figurative (aroma) bouquet (of wine)
  5. mechanics socket (of a bolt)
  6. (tajamar) cutwater (of a bridge)
  7. arms, armaments nozzle (of a retort)

estar hasta las narices
to have had it up to here, be fed up
fruncir or torcer la nariz a
colloquial to turn one's nose up at
hincharse las narices
figurative, colloquial to get angry
más sonado que las narices
colloquial well-known
meter las narices en
colloquial to interfere, stick one's nose into
nariz aguileña
aquiline nose
nariz chata
pug nose
nariz perfilada
Grecian nose
nariz respingada or respingona
snub nose
colloquial nonsense!
no ver más allá de las narices
figurative, colloquial not to see past one's nose, to be shortsighted
sonarse la nariz
to blow one's nose
tener de las narices
colloquial to lead around by the nose
Inflected Forms: narices - femi

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