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Spanish Dictionary: translation of oreja

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audio o·re·ja

  1. anatomy ear
  2. (parte lateral) flap
  3. (asa) handle
  4. (del sillón) wing (of an armchair)
  5. mechanics lug, flange
  6. (chismoso) gossip, talebearer

aguzar las orejas
to prick up one's ears
apearse por las orejas
  1. (caerse) to fall from a horse
  2. figurative to talk nonsense
bajar las orejas
to yield, bow to (in an argument)
calentar a alguien las orejas
to pin someone's ears back
con las orejas caídas or gachas
descubrir la oreja
to show one's true colors
hacer orejas de mercader
to turn a deaf ear
mojar a alguien la oreja
to pick a fight with someone
Inflected Forms: orejas - femi

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