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audio pa·la·bra

  1. (vocablo) word
  2. (término) term
  3. (facultad de hablar) speech, faculty of speech
  4. (elocuencia) eloquence
  5. (promesa) word, promise
    ella me dio su palabra she gave me her word
  6. (derecho) floor, right to speak
    ella tiene la palabra she has the floor
  7. religion Word

a media palabra
figurative at the least hint
bajo palabra
on one's word of honor
cogerle la palabra a alguien
to take someone at his word
conceder or dar la palabra a
to give the floor to
correr la palabra
to pass the word
cruzar palabra
to talk, converse
cumplir or mantener su palabra uno
to keep one's word
decir or tener la última palabra
to have the last word
dejar a alguien con la palabra en la boca
to turn one's back on someone who is speaking
de palabra
orally, by word of mouth
dirigir la palabra a
to address, speak to
empeñar la palabra
to pledge one's word
en dos or en pocas palabras
in brief
en otras palabras
in other words
en una palabra
in a word, in short
escapársele a uno una palabra
to let something slip
faltar a su palabra
to go back on one's word
írsele a uno la palabra
colloquial to forget what one was going to say
medir uno sus palabras
to weigh one's words
no decir palabra
not to say a word
no tener palabra
to be unreliable
on my word of honor!
palabra clave
computers keyword
palabra de honor
word of honor
palabra de matrimonio
promise of marriage
palabra divina or de Dios
religion Word of God
palabra por palabra
word for word, verbatim
  1. (texto) words
    en las palabras de Sócrates in the words of Socrates
  2. (hechizo) witch's spell
  3. religion formula (for sacraments)
palabras mayores
strong language
pedir la palabra
to ask for the floor
quedarse sin palabras
to be left speechless
quitarle a alguien la palabra de la boca
to take the words right out of someone's mouth
tomar la palabra
to take the floor
torcer las palabras de alguien
to twist someone's words
Inflected Forms: palabras - femi

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