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audio paz

f., pl. pa·ces
  1. (sin guerra) peace
  2. (tratado) peace treaty
    firmaron la paz en octubre they signed the peace treaty in October
  3. (tranquilidad) peacefulness, tranquility
    la paz del bosque le tranquilizó the peacefulness of the forest calmed him
  4. religion pax (image and ceremony)

dejar en paz
to leave alone
descansar en paz
to rest in peace
estar en paz
  1. (no guerrear) to be at peace
  2. (no deberse nada) to be even
hacer las paces
to make peace, make up
mantener la paz
to keep the peace
poner en paz or poner paz entre
to reconcile, make peace between
paz de la conciencia
peace of mind
Inflected Forms: paces - femi

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