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audio pun·ta

  1. (extremo agudo) point, sharp end
    la punta de una lanza the point of a spear
  2. (extremidad) tip, end
    la punta de la lengua the tip of the tongue
  3. (cima) top, apex
  4. (colilla) butt, stub
    la punta de un cigarillo a cigarette butt
  5. (clavo) small nail
  6. (buril) graver, stylus
  7. (sabor) sharp taste
  8. figurative (algo) streak, touch
    tiene punta de loco he has a streak of madness
  9. zoology (asta) horn
  10. (púa) point, tine (of an antler)
  11. geography point, headland
  12. hunting (parada) point
  13. heraldry point
  14. printing bodkin
  15. military point
  16. America (ganado) small herd
  17. (multitud) lot, group
  18. Venezuela snide remark, barb
  19. Argentina source of a river

a punta de
by means or dint of
a punta de pistola
at gunpoint
de punta a cabo
from one end to the other
de punta en blanco
  1. military in full armor
  2. figurative to the nines
de puntas
on tiptoe
estar hasta la punta de los pelos
colloquial to be fed up
hacer punta
figurative to lead, go first
poner los nervios de punta
to put someone's nerves on edge
punta de diamante
diamond point
punta de lanza
punta de París
wire nail
needlepoint, needlework
sacar punta a
  1. (afilar) to sharpen
  2. (criticar) to find fault with
tener en la punta de la lengua
figurative to have on the tip of one's tongue
Inflected Forms: puntas - femi

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