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audio que

rel. pron.
  1. that, which
    el coche que compraron es azul the car that they bought is blue
    el libro, que todavía no he leído, es un gran éxito the book, which I haven't read yet, is a great success
  2. who
    los niños, que jugaban afuera, no vieron nada the children, who were playing outside, saw nothing
  3. whom
    los amigos con que cuento the friends on whom I am relying

el que
  1. he who, the one who
    el que se quedó no sabía nada the one who remained knew nothing
  2. the one that
    el que busco es azul the one that I am looking for is blue
la que
  1. she who, the one who
    ¿es ella la que lo tiene? is she the one who has it?
  2. the one that
    ésta es la que necesito this is the one that I need
las que or los que
  1. those who, the ones who
    soy de los que lo creen I am among those who believe it
  2. the ones that
    ¿dónde están los que compraste? where are the ones that you bought?
lo que
  1. which
    murió joven, lo que no le permitió alcanzar fama he died young, which did not allow him to achieve fame
  2. what
    no entiendo lo que dices I don't understand what you're saying
  1. that
    me escribieron que venían they wrote to me that they were coming
  2. than
    yo sé más que tú I know more than you
  3. (porque) because, since
  4. that
    habla tan rápido que no lo comprendemos he speaks so fast that we do not understand him
  5. and
    justicia pido, que no gracia I ask for justice, and not forgiveness
  6. (si) whether
    que quiera, que no quiera, lo tiene que hacer whether he wants to or not, he has to do it
  7. that
    te pido que salgas I ask that you leave
  8. and
    uno habla que habla pero ella nunca escucha one talks and talks but she never listens
  9. (not translated)
    hay mucho que hacer there is a lot to do

a que
I bet that
uno que otro
one or the other
yo que tú
if I were you
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