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audio rey

  1. (monarca) king, sovereign
  2. (en juegos) king
  3. figurative king
    rey de los animales the king of beasts

a cuerpo de rey
figurative like a king
vivir a cuerpo de rey to live like a king
cada uno es rey en su casa
a man's home is his castle
día de Reyes
Epiphany, Twelfth Night
lo mismo me da rey que roque
it's all the same to me
los reyes
the king and queen
los Reyes Católicos
the Catholic Monarchs (Ferdinand and Isabella)
ni quito ni pongo rey
figurative, colloquial it's none of my business
no temer ni rey ni roque
colloquial to be afraid of no one or nothing
rey de armas
rey de Romanos
Holy Roman Emperor
Reyes magos
the Three Magi or Wise Men
servir al rey
to serve one's country, be a soldier
Inflected Forms: reyes - masc

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