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audio sa·car

  1. (extraer) to take out, extract
    sacó su cartera del bolsillo he took his wallet out of his pocket
  2. (quitar) to take out, remove
    sacar una mancha to remove a stain
  3. (arrancar) to pull out
    el dentista me sacó la muela the dentist pulled out my tooth
  4. (desenvainar) to draw, unsheathe (a sword)
  5. (librar) to bail out
    sacar a alguien de un apuro to bail someone out of a jam
  6. (sonsacar) to get out
    no le puedo sacar la información I cannot get the information out of him
  7. (conocer) to deduce, take it
    de tu expresión, saco que estás preocupado from your expression, I take it that you are worried
  8. (resolver) to resolve, figure out
    vamos a sacar las cuentas let's figure out the bills
  9. (conseguir) to get, obtain
  10. (ganar) to win
    Susana sacó premio en la rifa Susan won a prize in the raffle
  11. (elegir) to elect
  12. (adelantar) to stick out
    sacar la lengua to stick out one's tongue
  13. (presentar) to bring out, come out with
    sacar una moda to come out with a new fashion
  14. (publicar) to publish
  15. (manifestar) to bring out
    sacar brillo to bring out a shine
  16. (restar) to subtract
    si a ocho le sacas tres, quedan cinco if you subtract three from eight, you get five
  17. (copiar) to make
    la secretaria sacará una copia the secretary will make a copy
  18. (fotografiar) to take
    quiero sacar una foto del grupo I want to take a picture of the group
  19. (apuntar) to take
    sacar apuntes to take notes
  20. (aplicar) to give
    mis amigos me sacaron el apodo "Tito" my friends gave me the nickname "Tito"
  21. (citar) to cite, quote
  22. sports (la pelota) to serve, put into play
  23. chemistry to extract
    sacar aceite de las nueces to extract oil from nuts
  24. sewing (ensanchar) to let out
  25. Central America , Ecuador (adular) to flatter
  26. Ecuador , Mexico (echar en cara) to reproach

sacar a bailar
  1. (invitar) to ask to dance
  2. figurative, colloquial (forzar) to drag in, force to participate
sacar adelante
  1. (lograr) to carry out, execute
  2. (criar) to rear, bring up
sacar a luz
  1. (revelar) to bring to light
  2. (publicar) to print, publish
sacar a relucir
to bring up
sacar de quicio or de sí
to infuriate, drive crazy
esta situación me saca de mí this situation is driving me crazy
sacar el jugo
figurative to bleed dry
sacar en claro
to figure out
sacar la cara por
figurative to defend, stand for
sacar en claro or en limpio
to get out of, understand
sacar la oreja
Argentina to win by a nose
sacarle la vuelta a alguien
to avoid someone
sacarle a alguien los colores
to make someone blush
sacar provecho de
to benefit from
sacar sangre
to make bleed
sacar ventaja
to gain an advantage
to take off
sácate el abrigo take off your coat
Inflected Forms: saca - refl
sacaba - refl
sacabais - refl
sacaban - refl
sacabas - refl
sacad - refl
sacada - refl
sacadas - refl
sacado - refl
sacados - refl
sacamos - refl
sacan - refl
sacando - refl
sacara - refl
sacarais - refl
sacaran - refl
sacaras - refl
sacare - refl
sacareis - refl
sacaremos - refl
sacaren - refl
sacares - refl
sacaron - refl
sacará - refl
sacarán - refl
sacarás - refl
sacaré - refl
sacaréis - refl
sacaría - refl
sacaríais - refl
sacaríamos - refl
sacarían - refl
sacarías - refl
sacas - refl
sacase - refl
sacaseis - refl
sacasen - refl
sacases - refl
sacaste - refl
sacasteis - refl
saco - refl
sacábamos - refl
sacáis - refl
sacáramos - refl
sacáremos - refl
sacásemos - refl
sacó - refl
saque - refl
saquemos - refl
saquen - refl
saques - refl
saqué - refl
saquéis - refl
saca - trav
sacaba - trav
sacabais - trav
sacaban - trav
sacabas - trav
sacad - trav
sacada - trav
sacadas - trav
sacado - trav
sacados - trav
sacamos - trav
sacan - trav
sacando - trav
sacara - trav
sacarais - trav
sacaran - trav
sacaras - trav
sacare - trav
sacareis - trav
sacaremos - trav
sacaren - trav
sacares - trav
sacaron - trav
sacará - trav
sacarán - trav
sacarás - trav
sacaré - trav
sacaréis - trav
sacaría - trav
sacaríais - trav
sacaríamos - trav
sacarían - trav
sacarías - trav
sacas - trav
sacase - trav
sacaseis - trav
sacasen - trav
sacases - trav
sacaste - trav
sacasteis - trav
saco - trav
sacábamos - trav
sacáis - trav
sacáramos - trav
sacáremos - trav
sacásemos - trav
sacó - trav
saque - trav
saquemos - trav
saquen - trav
saques - trav
saqué - trav
saquéis - trav

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