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audio sa·li·da

  1. (marcha) leaving, departure
  2. (abertura) exit, outlet
  3. (publicación) publication
  4. (saliente) projection, protuberance
  5. (afueras) environs
  6. figurative (escapatoria) way out, pretext
  7. (solución) solution, outcome
  8. (ocurrencia) witticism, witty remark
  9. commerce (venta) sale
  10. (posibilidad de venta) market, outlet
  11. (transporte) shipment
  12. (partida de descargo) item, entry
  13. military attack, sortie
  14. maritime, nautical headway
  15. theater entrance
  16. sports start
  17. (en los naipes) lead (in cards)
  18. electricity, mechanics outlet
  19. computers, electronics output

dar salida a
(desahogar) to vent, let out
salida del sol
astronomy sunrise
salida de tono
figurative inept remark, faux pas
salida nula
sports false start
tener salida
  1. commerce to sell well
  2. architecture, geography to open, lead
    el río tiene salida al mar the river leads to the sea
Inflected Forms: salidas - femi

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