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audio san·gre

  1. physiology blood
  2. figurative (linaje) blood, lineage
  3. (familia) family, kindred

a sangre caliente
on the spur of the moment
a sangre fría
in cold blood
a sangre y fuego
by fire and sword, mercilessly
chupar la sangre a alguien
figurative to be a bloodsucker
dar sangre
medicine to give blood
de sangre caliente
zoology warm-blooded
de sangre fría
zoology cold-blooded
echar sangre
to bleed
echar sangre por los ojos
figurative to be furious
encender or freír la sangre a alguien
figurative, colloquial to infuriate someone
hacer sangre
to draw blood
llevar en la sangre
figurative to have in one's blood
mala sangre
colloquial bad blood
no llegar la sangre al río
figurative not to be a serious matter
pura sangre
sangre azul
blue blood, nobility
sangre de drago
botany dragon's blood
sangre fría
sang froid, composure
sangre ligera
America pleasant disposition
sangre pesada
America unpleasant disposition
sangre roja
red blood, arterial blood
Inflected Forms: sangres - femi

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