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audio som·bre·ro

  1. hat
    quitarse el sombreo to take off one's hat
  2. (tejado) canopy (of a pulpit)
  3. mechanics (parte superior) cap
  4. maritime, nautical drumhead
  5. botany cap (of mushrooms)
  6. Spain history grandee's privilege of keeping his hat on in the presence of the king

sombrero apuntado
cocked hat
sombrero castoreño
beaver hat
sombrero de canal or de teja
religion shovel hat
sombrero de copa
top hat
sombrero de jipijapa
Panama hat
sombrero de muelle
opera hat
sombrero de paja
straw hat
sombrero de pelo
South America top hat
sombrero de tres picos or de tres candiles
three-cornered hat, tricorn
sombrero flexible
soft hat, trilby (Great Britain)
sombrero gacho
slouch hat
sombrero hongo or de hongo
derby, bowler (Great Britain)
sombrero jíbaro
Central America straw hat
Inflected Forms: sombreros - masc

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