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Gyp·sy also Gip·sy  audio  (jps) KEY 

pl. Gyp·sies
  1. A member of a people that arrived in Europe in migrations from northern India around the 14th century, now also living in North America and Australia. Many Gypsy groups have preserved elements of their traditional culture, including an itinerant existence and the Romany language.
  2. See Romany.
  3. gypsy One inclined to a nomadic, unconventional way of life.
  4. A person who moves from place to place as required for employment, especially:
    1. A part-time or temporary member of a college faculty.
    2. A member of the chorus line in a theater production.

Alteration of Middle English gypcian, short for Egipcien, Egyptian (so called because Gypsies were thought to have come from Egypt)

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