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Definition of Red River

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Red River

  1. or in China Yu·an Jiang  (yän jyäng, ywän) KEY  and in Vietnam Hong Ha  (hông) KEY  or Song Hong  (sông hông) KEY  A river of southeast Asia rising in southern China and flowing about 1,175 km (730 mi) generally south through northern Vietnam to a fertile delta on the Gulf of Tonkin.
  2. A river of the south-central United States rising in two branches in the Texas Panhandle and flowing about 1,638 km (1,018 mi) eastward along the Texas-Oklahoma border and into Arkansas, where it changes direction and flows southward into Louisiana and then southeast to the Mississippi River.
  3. also Red River of the North A river of the north-central United States and south-central Canada formed by the confluence of two tributaries in west-central Minnesota and flowing about 499 km (310 mi) north along the Minnesota-North Dakota border into southeast Manitoba, Canada, where it empties into Lake Winnipeg. The Red River Valley is a fertile region for growing wheat, flax, and barley.

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