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af·fair  audio  (-fâr) KEY 

  1. Something done or to be done; business.
  2. affairs Transactions and other matters of professional or public business: affairs of state.
    1. An occurrence, event, or matter: The senator's death was a tragic affair.
    2. A social function.
  3. An object or a contrivance: Their first car was a ramshackle affair.
  4. A matter of personal concern.
  5. affairs Personal business: get one's affairs in order.
  6. A matter causing public scandal and controversy: the Dreyfus affair.
  7. A romantic and sexual relationship, sometimes one of brief duration, between two people who are not married to each other.

Middle English affaire, from Old French afaire, from a faire, to do : a, to (from Latin ad; see ad-) + faire, to do (from facere; see dh- in Indo-European roots)

affair, business, concern, lookout

These nouns denote something that involves one personally: I won't comment on that; it's not my affair. That's none of your business. Mind your own concerns. It's your lookout to file your application on time.

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