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a·way  audio  (-w) KEY 

  1. From a particular thing or place: ran away from the lion; sent the children away to boarding school.
    1. At or to a distance in space or time: We live a block away from the park.
    2. At or by a considerable interval: away back in the 17th century; away off on the horizon.
    1. In a different direction; aside: glanced away.
    2. On the way: We want to get away early in the day.
  2. In or into storage or safekeeping: put the toys away; jewels locked away in a safe.
  3. Out of existence or notice: The music faded away.
  4. So as to remove, separate, or eliminate: chipped the paint away; cleared away the debris.
  5. From one's possession: gave the tickets away.
  6. Continuously; steadily: toiled away at the project for more than a year.
  7. Freely; at will: Fire away!
  1. Absent: The neighbors are away.
  2. Distant, as in space or time: The city is miles away. The game was still a week away.
  3. Played on an opponent's field or grounds: an away game.
  4. In golf, having the ball lying farthest from the hole and properly playing first among competitors.
  5. Baseball Out: bases loaded, with two away.

Middle English, from Old English aweg : a-, on ; see a-1 + weg, way; see wegh- in Indo-European roots

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