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burst  audio  (bûrst) KEY 

burst, burst·ing, bursts
    1. To come open or fly apart suddenly or violently, especially from internal pressure.
    2. To explode.
  1. To be or seem to be full to the point of breaking open: The sacks were bursting with grain.
  2. To emerge, come forth, or arrive suddenly: burst out of the door.
  3. To come apart or seem to come apart because of overwhelming emotion: thought his heart would burst with happiness.
  4. To give sudden utterance or expression: burst out laughing; burst into tears.
  1. To cause to burst: burst the balloon. See Synonyms at break.
  2. To exert strong pressure in order to force (something) open.
  3. To separate (a continuous form or printout) into individual sheets.
  1. A sudden outbreak or outburst; an explosion.
  2. The result of bursting, especially the explosion of a projectile or bomb on impact or in the air.
    1. The number of bullets fired from an automatic weapon by one pull of the trigger.
    2. A volley of bullets fired from an automatic weapon: The machine gunner fired a quick burst.
  3. An abrupt, intense increase; a rush: a burst of speed; fitful bursts of wind.
  4. A period of intense activity: "I write in very short bursts10 or 15 minutes" (Zoe Heller).

Middle English bursten, from Old English berstan

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