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Definition of cumulative

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cu·mu·la·tive  audio  (kymy-ltv, -y-l-tv) KEY 

  1. Increasing or enlarging by successive addition.
  2. Acquired by or resulting from accumulation.
  3. Of or relating to interest or a dividend that is added to the next payment if not paid when due.
  4. Law
    1. Supporting the same point as earlier evidence: cumulative evidence.
    2. Imposed with greater severity upon a repeat offender: cumulative punishment.
    3. Following successively; consecutive: cumulative sentences.
  5. Statistics
    1. Of or relating to the sum of the frequencies of experimentally determined values of a random variable that are less than or equal to a specified value.
    2. Of or relating to experimental error that increases in magnitude with each successive measurement.

cumu·lative·ly(Adverb), cumu·lative·ness(Noun)

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