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ex·press  audio  (k-sprs) KEY 

ex·pressed, ex·press·ing, ex·press·es
  1. To set forth in words; state.
  2. To manifest or communicate, as by a gesture; show. See Synonyms at vent1.
  3. To make known the feelings or opinions of (oneself), as by statement or art.
  4. To convey or suggest a representation of; depict: The painting expresses the rage of war victims.
  5. To represent by a sign or a symbol; symbolize: express a fraction as a decimal.
  6. To squeeze or press out, as juice from an orange.
  7. To send by special messenger or rapid transport: express a package to Los Angeles.
  8. Genetics
    1. To cause (itself) to produce an effect or a phenotype. Used of a gene: The gene expressed itself under specific environmental conditions.
    2. To manifest the effects of (a gene): Half of the people who inherit the gene express it.
    3. To manifest (a genetic trait): All the mice in the study expressed the defect.
  1. Definitely and explicitly stated: their express wish. See Synonyms at explicit.
  2. Particular; specific: an express plan.
    1. Sent out with or moving at high speed.
    2. Direct, rapid, and usually nonstop: express delivery of packages; an express bus.
    3. Of, relating to, or appropriate for rapid travel: express lanes on a freeway.
By express delivery or transport.
    1. A rapid, efficient system for the delivery of goods and mail.
    2. Goods and mail conveyed by such a system.
  1. A means of transport, such as a train, that travels rapidly and makes few or no stops before its destination.
  2. Chiefly British
    1. A special messenger.
    2. A message delivered by special courier.

Middle English expressen, from Old French expresser, from Medieval Latin expressre, frequentative of Latin exprimere : ex-, ex- + premere, to press; see per-4 in Indo-European roots

ex·presser(Noun), ex·pressi·ble(Adjective)

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