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Definition of inflection

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in·flec·tion  audio  (n-flkshn) KEY 

  1. The act of inflecting or the state of being inflected.
  2. Alteration in pitch or tone of the voice.
  3. Grammar
    1. An alteration of the form of a word by the addition of an affix, as in English dogs from dog, or by changing the form of a base, as in English spoke from speak, that indicates grammatical features such as number, person, mood, or tense.
    2. An affix indicating such a grammatical feature, as the -s in the English third person singular verb form speaks.
    3. The paradigm of a word.
    4. A pattern of forming paradigms, such as noun inflection or verb inflection.
  4. A turning or bending away from a course or position of alignment.

in·flection·al(Adjective), in·flection·al·ly(Adverb)

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