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mon·ster  audio  (mnstr) KEY 

    1. An imaginary or legendary creature, such as a centaur or Harpy, that combines parts from various animal or human forms.
    2. A creature having a strange or frightening appearance.
  1. An animal, a plant, or other organism having structural defects or deformities.
  2. Pathology A fetus or an infant that is grotesquely abnormal and usually not viable.
  3. A very large animal, plant, or object.
  4. One who inspires horror or disgust: a monster of selfishness.
Informal Extremely large; monstrous: a monster hit at the box office; ate a monster steak.

Middle English monstre, from Old French, from Latin mnstrum, portent, monster, from monre, to warn; see men-1 in Indo-European roots

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