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more  audio  (môr, mr) KEY 

Comparative of many, much.
    1. Greater in number: a hall with more seats.
    2. Greater in size, amount, extent, or degree: more land; more support.
  1. Additional; extra: She needs some more time.
A greater or additional quantity, number, degree, or amount: The more I see of you the more I like you.
(used with a pl. verb) A greater or additional number of persons or things: I opened only two bottles but more were in the refrigerator.
Comparative of much.
    1. To or in a greater extent or degree: loved him even more.
    2. Used to form the comparative of many adjectives and adverbs: more difficult; more softly. See Usage Note at perfect.
  1. In addition: phoned twice more.
  2. Moreover; furthermore.

more and more
To a steadily increasing extent or degree: getting more and more worried.
more or less
  1. About; approximately: holds two tons, more or less.
  2. To an undetermined degree: were more or less in agreement.

Middle English, from Old English mra, and mre; see m-3 in Indo-European roots

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