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new  audio  (n, ny) KEY 

new·er, new·est
  1. Having been made or come into being only a short time ago; recent: a new law.
    1. Still fresh: a new coat of paint.
    2. Never used or worn before now: a new car; a new hat.
  2. Just found, discovered, or learned: new information.
  3. Not previously experienced or encountered; novel or unfamiliar: ideas new to her.
  4. Different from the former or the old: the new morality.
  5. Recently obtained or acquired: new political power; new money.
  6. Additional; further: new sources of energy.
  7. Recently arrived or established in a place, position, or relationship: new neighbors; a new president.
  8. Changed for the better; rejuvenated: The nap has made a new person of me.
  9. Being the later or latest in a sequence: a new edition.
  10. Currently fashionable: a new dance.
  11. New In the most recent form, period, or development.
  12. Inexperienced or unaccustomed: new at the job; new to the trials of parenthood.
Freshly; recently. Often used in combination: new-mown.

Middle English newe, from Old English nwe, nowe; see newo- in Indo-European roots


new, fresh, novel2, newfangled, original

These adjectives describe what has existed for only a short time, has only lately come into use, or has only recently arrived at a state or position, as of prominence: New is the most general: a new movie; a new friend. "It is time for a new generation of leadership, to cope with new problems and new opportunities" (John F. Kennedy). Something fresh has qualities of newness such as briskness, brightness, or purity: fresh footprints in the snow; fresh hope of discovering a vaccine. Novel applies to the new and strikingly unusual: "His sermons were considered bold in thought and novel in language" (Edith Wharton). Newfangled suggests that something is needlessly novel: "the newfangled doctrine of utility" (John Galt). Something that is original is novel and the first of its kind: "The science of pure mathematics, in its modern development, may claim to be the most original creation of the human spirit" (Alfred North Whitehead).

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