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pre·sent2  audio  (pr-znt) KEY 

pre·sent·ed, pre·sent·ing, pre·sents
    1. To introduce, especially with formal ceremony.
    2. To introduce (a young woman) to society with conventional ceremony.
  1. To bring before the public: present a play.
    1. To make a gift or award of.
    2. To make a gift to.
    1. To offer for observation, examination, or consideration; show or display. See Synonyms at offer.
    2. To afford or furnish: The situation presented us with a chance to improve our knowledge.
    3. To turn or position in the direction of another: presented his face to the camera.
  2. To hold, carry, or point (a weapon) in a particular manner as a salutation or sign of honor, usually along the center axis of the body.
  3. Ecclesiastical To recommend (a cleric) for a benefice.
  4. Law
    1. To offer to a legislature or court for consideration.
    2. To bring a charge or indictment against.
  1. pres·ent  (prznt) KEY  Something presented; a gift.
  2. pre·sent  (pr-znt) KEY  The position of a rifle or other weapon when presented.

Middle English presenten, from Old French presenter, from Latin presentre, to show, from praesns, praesent- present participle of praeesse, to be in front of ; see present1


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