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re·view  audio  (r-vy) KEY 

re·viewed, re·view·ing, re·views
  1. To look over, study, or examine again.
  2. To consider retrospectively; look back on.
  3. To examine with an eye to criticism or correction: reviewed the research findings.
  4. To write or give a critical report on (a new work or performance, for example).
  5. Law To reexamine (an action or determination) judicially, especially in a higher court, in order to correct possible errors.
  6. To subject to a formal inspection, especially a military inspection.
  1. To go over or restudy material: reviewing for a final exam.
  2. To write critical reviews, especially for a newspaper or magazine.
  1. A reexamination or reconsideration.
  2. A retrospective view or survey.
    1. A restudying of subject matter.
    2. An exercise for use in restudying material.
  3. An inspection or examination for the purpose of evaluation.
    1. A report or essay giving a critical estimate of a work or performance.
    2. A periodical devoted to articles and essays on current affairs, literature, or art.
    1. A formal military inspection.
    2. A formal military ceremony held in honor of a person or occasion.
  4. Law A judicial reexamination, especially by a higher court, of an action or determination.
  5. A musical show consisting of often satirical skits, songs, and dances; a revue.

Probably from Middle English, inspection of military forces, from Old French revue, review, from feminine past participle of reveeir, to see again, from Latin revidre : re-, re- + vidre, to see; see weid- in Indo-European roots


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