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rib  audio  (rb) KEY 

  1. Anatomy
    1. One of a series of long curved bones occurring in 12 pairs in humans and extending from the spine to or toward the sternum.
    2. A similar bone in most vertebrates.
  2. A part or piece similar to a rib and serving to shape or support: the rib of an umbrella.
  3. A cut of meat enclosing one or more rib bones.
  4. Nautical One of many curved members attached to a boat or ship's keel and extending upward and outward to form the framework of the hull.
  5. One of many transverse pieces that provide an airplane wing with shape and strength.
  6. Architecture A long, narrow, usually arched member projecting from the surface of a structure, especially such a member separating the webs of a vault.
  7. A raised ridge or wale in knitted material or in cloth.
  8. Botany The main vein or any of the prominent veins of a leaf or other plant organ.
  9. Slang A teasing remark or action; a joke.
ribbed, rib·bing, ribs
  1. To shape, support, or provide with a rib or ribs.
  2. To make with ridges or raised markings.
  3. Informal To tease or make fun of. See Synonyms at banter.

Middle English, from Old English ribb

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