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Edgar Atheling
 (ăth´symbollĭng) [O.E. ætheling,=son of the king], 1060?—1125?, English prince, grandson of Edmund Ironside. After the death of King Harold at the battle of Hastings in 1066, Edgar was chosen king, but he submitted to William I in the same year. In 1068 he fled to the Scottish king Malcolm III, who soon married Edgar's sister St. Margaret of Scotland. Edgar took part in the unsuccessful Northumbrian uprising (1069) in which the Danes also joined. After Malcolm made his peace with William in 1072, the Atheling probably lived in Flanders until he himself came to terms with William in 1074 and settled in France. After William's death Edgar joined Malcolm in raiding England in 1091, but after that he seems to have been at peace with William II of England. He led the English expedition that in 1097 dethroned Donald III and seated the Atheling's nephew Edgar (d. 1107) on the throne of Scotland. The Atheling went on the crusade of 1099 with Robert II, duke of Normandy, and later fought for Robert against Henry I of England. He was taken prisoner at the battle of Tinchebrai (1106) but was released.